Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions for CIB Americas is handled primarily by PJ SOLOMON.

Founded in 1989, PJ SOLOMON is one of the oldest independent investment banks and financial advisory firms

PJ SOLOMON has completed over $180 billion of M&A, restructuring and financing advisory assignments

Natixis has a strategic partnership with PJ SOLOMON to create an enhanced global M&A advisory and financing platform. This offers several valuable opportunities for both parties, enabling PJ SOLOMON to continue providing the experience of a boutique culture, with a mandate for dynamic growth, leveraging Natixis’ global relationships and significant capital markets capabilities – all to better serve our clients.

“Our rapidly growing and highly talented Investment Banking team puts customer needs at the forefront of our bespoke client solutions.”

Michael Moravec,
Co-Head of Investment Banking, Americas

Green & Sustainable Hub

The Hub’s purpose is to develop CIB’s Green & Sustainable Finance activities.

Investment Banking

Our Investment Banking team provides a broad range of financial solutions for private equity and corporate clients. Our seasoned team has broad expertise structuring acquisition finance and capital markets transactions. The four key areas of focus include:

Leveraged Finance & Debt Capital Markets

We enable our clients to raise capital for LBO’s, acquisitions/mergers, recapitalizations and restructurings, and as both arrangers and underwriters, we provide structuring expertise in support of our private equity and corporate clients. Our team can arrange, underwrite and syndicate a wide range of transactions, each tailored to the diversity of the underlying portfolio.

Credit and Debt Capital Markets

We provide a broad range of financial solutions for private equity and corporate clients. Our seasoned team has broad expertise structuring acquisition finance and capital markets transactions. Natixis advises clients on comprehensive capital structure solutions and optimal distribution strategies tailored to each issuer’s financial strategy. We employ a balanced strategy of providing customer liquidity while minimizing risk by pairing buyers and sellers to ensure optimal execution.

Equity Capital Markets

The Natixis Equity Capital Markets team provides corporate clients and financial institutions with a broad range of equity and equity-linked products and offers services related to the issuance of equities and securities. We specialize in Origination, Structuring, Execution, Underwriting, Syndication, Documentation and Stabilization services to our clients. We have three regional platforms (Americas, Europe and Asia) and offer our clients local expertise with a global reach.

Strategic Equity Transactions

We deliver customized equity-linked solutions to private equity firms, corporate clients, financial institutions, holding companies and family offices. Our clients use our Strategic Equity Transactions to help achieve many of their corporate finance objectives. As a joint effort between Global Markets and Structured and Asset Finance, Strategic Equity Transactions is positioned to deliver clients complex financing and market-based solutions. Our team has a significant track record in structuring and executing tailor made equity-linked transactions.

Global Markets

Our Global Markets team offers a diversified range of products to help manage client risk, evaluate investment solutions and assist with financial transactions. We leverage highly technical skills and responsiveness of our teams to furnish clients tailor-made solutions across the following key areas:

Interest Rate Derivatives

Natixis is a key player in IRD with expertise in fixed-income and money markets. We trade in all major markets and offer a full range of customized solutions that meet the needs of clients, issuers and investors. We provide liquidity on swaps and options - including but not limited to: short and long term Swaps on LIBOR and Fed Funds, Caps/Floors, European and Bermudan Swaptions. Natixis always endeavors to offer superior attention to service, tailor-made client solutions, and top tier execution for our clients.

Foreign Exchange

We offer a full-service, global FX platform operating 24 hours a day from New York, London and Hong Kong. Our FX solutions include all major and emerging market currencies using spot, forwards, swaps, “vanilla” and “exotic” options for hedging, trading, investment and structuring. We have over 30 years of experience in the foreign exchange markets on all client segments. We offer customized hedging, diversification, liquidity and enhanced return solutions enabling clients to manage their goals and risk/return parameters.

Credit Capital Markets, Credit Sales & Trading

In partnership with Investment Banking, Credit Capital Markets, Credit Sales & Trading provides a solutions-based approach employed to deliver comprehensive financial solutions to clients to optimize execution across the credit markets.

Global Securities Financing

The Global Securities team employs delta-one strategies, referencing US and international assets to facilitate market exposure, hedging of price risk, strategic acquisitions, collateralized financing or bespoke portfolio solutions. Global Securities Financing enables clients to optimize their equity portfolios, providing liquidity and the opportunity to extract incremental yield on assets and/or cash. The main business is split between Fixed Income and Equity Derivatives work, with a focus on five primary markets:

Market Making Sovereign  |  Market Making Credit  |  Market Making Index  |  Securities Optimization  |  Solutions

Institutional Investor Solutions and Flow Sales

Natixis Institutional Investor Solutions and Flow Sales team is responsible for the coverage of Pensions, Endowments, Foundations, Asset Managers, Hedge Funds, and Insurance Companies with regards to the asset allocation and hedging requirements of the portfolio. The team utilizes a suite of products ranging from vanilla / OTC products to more customized and sophisticated solutions on a cross asset basis as part of our Quantitative Investment Solutions offering. Light exotic and volatility product sales and trading capabilities with expertise in risk transfer and axe trading are handled by our Alternative Risk Transfer team.

Private Equity Secondaries Financing

The Private Equity Secondaries Financing Group is a leading provider of financing to institutions seeking to obtain leverage in private equity secondary fund interests. Typically, loan proceeds are used to help acquire a portfolio of secondary assets or to pay a distribution to investors. The team, comprised of professionals from Equity Markets and Acquisition & Structured Finance, is skilled in valuing and financing various public and private assets and is experienced in structuring and risk management. We offer our clients a complete range of services to structure their deal in the best possible way, and offer assistance with lending facilities, rationale and competency.

Guaranteed Investment Contracts & Derivative Instruments

Since 1997, the Guaranteed Investment Contracts Program has offered competitive returns to our customers through the issuance of GICs. Our customers are usually looking to invest the proceeds from tax-exempt and taxable municipal debt during the period from when the bonds are issued to when the money is spent in order to enhance the overall return. Some of our customers also invest in GICs to secure a letter of credit that Natixis issues on their behalf at a competitive rate. Our seasoned, client-focused team has an excellent track record for smooth transaction closings. Our products can be customized to enhance financing, restructuring, credit enhancement, liquidity facility, letter of credit, etc.

Global Structured Credit & Solutions

The Global Structured Credit & Solutions Group in the US is a leading provider of advisory, origination, structuring, underwriting and placement activities for structured financing transactions, organized along four main business sectors: Credit Solutions, Securitization Advisory Services, ABS Origination, and Pension and Insurance Solutions. We assist clients with portfolio management, data mining, modeling and analytics, trading, valuation, restructuring, ratings advisory and credit insurance.

Equity Markets

Natixis’ Equity Markets platform offers a wide range of bespoke investment, hedging and financing solutions to meet the needs of our global clients. Equity Markets provides access to a wide range of underlyings across the full spectrum of global equity markets.

We take a eight pillars strategy enables our financial engineering and sales teams to work as a unified team to develop innovative solutions.

Algorithmic Indices  |  Alternative Risk Transfer  |  Equity Finance  |  Equity Payoffs  |  Fund Solutions  |  Hybrids  |  Wrapper & Regulatory Solutions 

Insurance Solutions

The Insurance Solutions team is a multidisciplinary cross-product group focused on providing tailor-made structured solutions to insurance and reinsurance clients.  The team is comprised of 8 professionals globally with expertise in alternative risk transfer, securitization, actuarial science, insurance regulations, derivatives and capital markets.

The three core financial solutions provided include:

Excess Reserve and Insurance Financing  |  Insurance Risk Transfer and Securitization  |  Insurance Capital and Risk Management

Global Markets Commodities

Natixis utilizes its strength of cross-product structuring and distribution to offer commodity risk management services to institutional and corporate clients, including producers, consumers and financial intermediaries. Our team provides clients with risk management services through OTC derivatives on a diverse range of commodity underlyings, with a focus on base metals, precious metals and energy markets. 

We have market making capabilities in a number of industries, including precious metals, base metals, crude oil, liquids, natural gas, refined products and emissions. Natixis also offers exchanges and MTF’s for precious metals, base metals and energy industries.

Cross Asset Investment Solutions

The US Cross Asset Investment Solutions Team focuses on a client-focus approach providing Custom Advisory and Tailored Investment Solutions. Natixis’ expertise relies on a culture of structured products knowledge, extensive multiple assets platform, strong global trading & structuring capabilities. We have extensive experience in offering various wrappers for US and non-US investors, a wide range of payoffs to meet clients’ objectives and a broad scope of assets across the globe.

Global Trade

We provide innovative trade, commodity and export finance solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Our solutions include:

Trade Finance Solutions for corporates, financial institutions, insurance companies and private equity firms (Documentary trade instruments, issuance and confirmation of Letters of Credit and Stand-By Letters of Credit) | Receivables and Supply Chain Finance | Structured Export Finance (in collaboration with Export Credit Agencies, Multilateral Agencies and Development Finance Institutions) | Commodity Trade Finance (transactional financing and borrowing base financing) | Structured Commodity Finance (Performance risk / Pre-export financing) | Commodity Repo financing

Recent awards and notable achievements:

Commodity or Energy Research House of the Year for 2017 for the second time in a row
Source: Energy Risk Awards

First ever Commodities Blockchain solution for U.S. crude oil trading

Real Assets


We offer financing solutions for Airlines and Lessors in the Aviation industry.

Our solutions include:

Advisory  |  Single aircraft or Portfolio Financing  |  Finance/Operating Lease  |  Tax Lease  |  Pre-Delivery Payment  |  Export Finance

Recent awards and notable achievements:

Tax Lease Deal of the Year
Source: AirFinance 2016

Sale and Leaseback Deal of the Year
Source: AirFinance 2016

Aircraft Lessor Debt Deal of the Year Asia in 2015
Source: AirFinance 2015


We provide financial advisory, lead arranging, underwriting (bank loans, institutional term loans, bonds, export credit), and agency services for secured loans for energy, natural resources, telecom and infrastructure projects globally including North and South America. Natixis brings over 20 years of experience of providing comprehensive coverage in four sectors:

Transportation & Social  |  Power & Renewables  |  Natural Resources & Offshore  |  Telecoms

Real Estate & Hospitality

Natixis is a leading full-service commercial real estate lender engaged in originating, purchasing and securitizing commercial mortgage loans through its New York and Los Angeles platforms. The team has 20 years of experience in originating CRE loans and over 50 repeat borrowers since 1999. We offer our clients two types of loans:

Portfolio Lending (Floating Rate)  |  Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (Fixed Rate)

Distribution & Portfolio Management

Natixis acts as a full service real assets syndication partner across the entire value chain as arranger, underwriter and servicer. We offer origination and structuring services through our experienced team by leveraging direct issuer relationships. Our global sales and syndicate teams with specific sector expertise provide clients with a large distribution capacity. The 120+ person global portfolio management team provides tailor-made loan servicing to our clients. Our in-house engineers and construction specialists focus on infra debt credit research and portfolio management.

Coverage is committed to building a long-term relationship with our clients by working diligently to deeply understand our clients and their objectives. We know that our clients have increasingly complex needs that require multi-product, integrated solutions. We are “product-neutral”. Acting as deal captains, our Coverage bankers bring together specialists across Natixis’ global platform to meet our clients’ needs. Our team is a driving force dedicated to clients, working closely with all the Bank’s businesses to advise and offer clients the solutions best suited to their specific needs. Our dedicated teams focus on sponsor, corporate, financial institutions and multinationals coverage. We collaborate closely with other departments and teams at Natixis to leverage single area specialists’ expertise in order to provide our clients with the best possible solution.